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CBBF is a commercial organisation connecting British, Chinese companies and individuals with global ambitions to form business partnerships for their products and services.

China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF)

Founded in 2011, China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) is a multidisciplinary and multi-industry consultancy assisting British and Chinese companies with their respective market-opportunities plans. Given China's tall 2030 AI target and its increasing emphasis on innovation and UK's immense AI capabilities, CBBF is progressively focused on developing partnership between China and the UK in the technology space. As part of this focus, CBBF organised the inaugural China-Britain AI Summit 2017 at the Institution of Engineering & Technology in September 2017 to illuminate the China and UK AI landscape




syrus the founder

Syrus is a former CFO with experience in a multitude of UK industries namely in Property, Audit, Telecom, Automotive, Music, Food, Security, Pharmaceuticals and Fashion Retail. This gives Syrus a thorough international experience of preparing the right grounds for marketplace entry. As a former financial controller at the Swire Group, a predominantly based operation in Hong Kong, Syrus gained his first experience of the Far East. It was such tremendous cultural experience that led him to start his own China-Britain consultancy business in 2011.



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The Golden Age

China’s social development reforms headed by a mass scale urbanization programme have created challenges but also raised wealth and cross-border investments. China’s going-global program, more recently supported by the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) has generated a shift from a manufacturing driven economy to one of service. Collaboration in major projects such as “One Belt One Road” is an exciting example of collaboration between our nations’. China is no longer the manufacturing engine of the world but a sovereign that demands social and technological progress and entrepreneurial change where branding is gradually replacing a push for the sale of products. The focus is now on innovation, entrepreneurism and quality of growth.



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