China-Britain AI Summit: Forging Global Partnerships for the New Economy

Release date 10/08/17

China-Britain AI Summit is the first event of its kind that will illuminate the artificial intelligence landscape in China and the UK. Players in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from China and the United Kingdom will come together at a summit to build global partnerships and catalyse commercial business and investment opportunities. The summit will showcase innovative British & Chinese robotics and machine and deep learning technologies and explore potential synergies and avenues of cooperation.

The summit, which is organised by China-Britain Business Fusion will take place on the 22nd September 2017. With 450 people expected to attend the event at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), IET’s president Professor Jeremy Watson will deliver the welcome remarks.

“China has ambitious plans to be a world leader in AI by 2030. The Chinese leadership plans to leverage AI to address a range of economic, governance, and societal challenges aiming for AI to serve as a ‘new engine’ to advance future economic development through unleashing a new industrial transformation. The IET is keen to highlight the huge opportunities associated with AI and how it can transform our lives, therefore I’m delighted to be speaking at the China-Britain Artificial Intelligence Summit.” Professor Jeremy Watson CBE, IET President

The demand for the summit has arisen from the developments of AI in both China and the UK. The Chinese government has approved plans to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. With the aim of making the industry worth $150 billion, China’s State Council has issued a 3-step roadmap lining up the mindset behind how it wants AI to be developed in different areas of its economy, the plan in summary:

  1. 2020: Development of policies, standards and code of ethics to compliment the generation new AI technology
  2. 2025: Achieving major breakthrough in AI technology, industrial 4.0 and economy’s upgrade
  3. 2030: China to become the world leader in AI, with the industry worth 1 trillion Yuan
With the scenes set in motion by the State Council, operators such as Alibaba and Baidu have already invested millions of dollars in AI R&D platforms. The concern with loss of jobs cannot be better captured by Jack Ma, Alibaba’s CEO and Founders: “In 30 years the magazine cover featuring the best chief executive is likely to be a robot”

Meanwhile, with the UK looking more outwards than ever in a post-Brexit era, the UK’s start-up ecosystem continues to flourish and consequentially attracts the highest quality talent and investment interest. It is estimated that a new AI start-up has launched in the UK every week for the past 3 years. This amounts to a total future contribution of £654bn to the UK economy by 2035.

"The UK has a fast-paced and vibrant AI industry, built on an extended heritage of invention. From the work of Alan Turing in the past to today's world-leading companies, the UK is leading the charge in AI innovation." - Sue Daley, Head of AI, TechUK

“AI and robotics is moving rapidly from academic research into the real world we are entering a new era of robotics and artificial intelligence which is changing our world” - Bill Lee, CEO, AMY Robotics Co., Ltd

The event will deliver panel discussions covering investment and opportunities, AI ethics and social implications, AI landscape in China and the UK as well as the role of AI/smart technologies in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Expert speakers include Healthcare Executive from IBM Watson, VP Investment Banking from Haitong Bank, Former Director Apple Education Asia Nth, General Counsel APAC from The British Standards Institution, Chief Representative from InvestSH and Digital Lead from InnovateUK, to name a few.

China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) is a 6 year old multidisciplinary and multi-industry consultancy firm assisting British and Chinese companies with their respective market-entry plans and increasingly in the AI technology space.

"Artificial Intelligence will not only revolutionise the way we work, but also drive a new generation that would more productively live with and work side-by-side." - Syrus Lohrasb, CEO, China-Britain Business Fusion


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