Lsesu China development society from "post-brexit" Sino-British relations

13th February 2017

On the 10 th February 2017, the China Development Society of the London School of Economics and Political Science Student Union delivered a forum on post-Brexit Sino-British relations. In cooperation with Lloyds Bank, Trower & Hamlins, Mr. Syrus Lohrasb played a central role in the forum’s setting up and execution. The event was aimed at enlightening attending students from London’s elite universities to come and share their thoughts regarding this topic. The event was a huge success, attracting students from across London’s universities, forging a productive atmosphere of knowledge and skill transfer.

The enthusiasm of the audience was reflected by the passions of the speakers themseves. CBBF’s Syrus Lohrasb brought Sir Richard Heygate to expand on the ‘Belt and Road’ trade policy of China, a name that has become a buzzword when discussing Sino-British relations. In addition to this, the audience heard from Xu Jin of the Chinese Embassy, Gordon Orr of McKinsey&Company and Arthur Chen of Fosun Group. These speakers brought great value to the discussions, commenting on industry patterns, trends and flows with highlevel real world insight. This stimulated the coversation further, with the opportunity for audience members to question each speaker cementing the atmosphere of education and learning.

To conclude the event, Syrus Lohrasb was invited to deliver the closing remarks. He commented that:

“Through our distinguished speakers and panellist we learned of challenges facing us both at home and across the Atlantic. China is also facing monumental challenges, however with a more outward looking approach China can work hand-in- hand with its partners and in particular with the United Kingdom to resolve these challenges. The Belt and Road project would certainly act as one major catalyst.

We learned about Brexit and some of the concerns it has caused, however the uncertainty has not slowed down our GDP and Britain is still a “star-performer”. It is imperative that as we reach out and extend our trade with nations outside EU- US, China, Australia and Canada as examples, we share the spoils with our European friends and show in practice that we continue to see ourselves as partners.”

CBBF again would like to thank Lloyds Bank for their gracious support and Trower & Hamlins for serving as our fantastic hosts. To all those involved, you have CBBF’s enduring gratitude.

There is a famous Chinese saying that reads: “may you live in interesting times”. The original meaning was intended as a curse, but at CBBF we see the interesting times that lay both in the present and ahead as a blessing and as an opportunity. We at CBBF look to employ our expertise and cross-cultural knowledge to ensure our clients and partners are able to navigate these interesting times, to seize opportunities where they are present and ensure that the link between East and West continues to provide mutual benefit and success to all.

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