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CBBF Services for Corporate (China Outbound and UK Outbound) and for Chinese Individuals

CBBF Introductory Presentation


China market entry strategy


Direct introduction

  • Identify and introduce Chinese partners in sales and distribution or formation of JV
  • Facilitate and support contract negotiation

Office Logistics, Company Set up

  • Setting up of a China-based Office to act as a operational satellite office working on behalf of the western company in administration and negotiations with partners
  • Lawyers to advise on Intellectual Property Rights – Trademark Registration
  • Set up workshop, participate in trade exhibition
  • Long-term set up and register Chinese company (WFOE), identify best city tier location

Defining Chinese promotional parameters and marketing strategy

  • Creating a Chinese name for the business, in line with Chinese culture
  • Identifying Unique Selling Point in Chinese
  • Preparing an international Mission Statement in Chinese

Chinese introductions to Western Company’s Website

  • Creating a landing page on client’s website in Chinese. Content in Chinese with strong brand concept
  • Include one creative article about client’s business written in Chinese
  • Setting up a Content marketing strategy to attract and retain customers, directing and leading target audience
  • Promotion through selected Chinese Press, setting up of press conference
  • PR activities to include marketing and brand promotion
  • Setting up of an event or workshop inviting Chinese communities promoting services and products
  • Video introduction in Chinese or Video documentary in Chinese with a story (blogs or customer reviews). Video to be used on client’s website or as a release on YouTube, Youku and TV

Marketing Tool- Chinese Social Media- WeChat

  • Use WeChat platform to create a Chinese campaign page in the client's website and direct visitors to that page
  • Produce one creative article written in Chinese and distribute through WeChat
  • Build up client’s own Chinese followers through WeChat or Weibo platforms

Market Study and Insight

  • Conduct Feasibility Study including research for market entry strategy
  • Main Players & Market Share
  • Competition & Marketing approach
  • Sales Channels & Pricing policy

Cultural and limited language training

  • “Doing business with China” Cultural Workshop/Training for corporate
  • Teaching of basic Mandarin language for executives

UK market entry strategy


Research needed in entering the UK Market:

  • Conduct a feasibility study including research for a market entry strategy
  • Main Players & Market Share
  • Competition & Marketing approach
  • Sales Channels & Pricing policy

Marketing and defining some promotional parameters

  • Identify Unique Selling Point & International Mission Statement
  • Write a promotional profile in high-level English
  • Set up an English language Website
  • Organise PR events and run brand promotional activities
  • E-marketing: online social media networking, twitter and facebook, Press & publications

Identifying and assessing local partners and forming alliances:

  • Assessing and Identifying an appropriate partner for soft or hard alliance

Ongoing Business management services/support

  • Identification of Business premises, Showroom, Warehousing, retail units
  • Provision for Customer Services
  • Signing premises leases, legal work required
  • Business Insurance
  • Company secretarial & provision for Audit and Accountancy services
  • IT and telecommunications strategy

Best practice Company formation and legal implications

  • Legal Office entity formation, division, representative office, onshore/offshore
  • Taxation implication based on the choice of entity- UK & China, other international
  • Corporation and Income tax registration, Value Added Tax and Import Duty Registration
  • Setting up Bank Account
  • Legal responsibilities of company representatives and shareholders
  • Registration of Licenses, compliance and risk mitigation
  • Certificate meeting Health & Safety requirement. Registration with Data protection Act
  • Protecting your Intellectual Properties and Trademark registration


  • Formulation of a Business Plan, Marketing Budget, Start-up Costs, 3-Year-Plan projection

Chinese Individual